the classics

Traditional products to rediscover and
let you live a unique culinary experience

the selection

A variety of flavors selected for you
with care to express only the best of the Italian culinary culture



An exclusive collection
where the Lombardy traditional flavors have been revisited
together with the chef Davide Oldani giving them a new look


Wheter to give a moment of flavour,
for a special occasion or for a unique gift, our special packages are designed to group, in a
prestigious and unique box, your favorite products

When taste meets excellence

Italy has always been the home to exceptional raw materials where culinary knowledge is handed down from generation to generation.


It is in these same lands where the products SALUMI PASINI are created, masterpieces of taste, produced with excellent raw materials and exclusively from carefully selected meats - a demonstration of how to respect the balance of nature by combining them with a touch of sophistication.


Traditional products to be rediscovered, workings of the past combined with the discovery of that particular ingredient that creates that difference to become truly unique creations. Products that will bring to life a unique dining experience.



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