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The result of the experience of traditional Italian charcuterie, all the products are created from the careful selction of the finest raw materials and superior cuts of meat. Thanks to the passion for refined taste, Salumi Pasini products will make you experience a unique culinary experience.

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The Choice - In each product you will find all the information you need to decide what you want to buy. A simple click and your product will be added to your cart.

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The Order - You can pay by credit card, through paypal, bank transfer or cash on delivery. The purchasing process is secure and guaranteed by the best protocols and security certifications of each banking operator.

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Shipping - We will make sure you get your products fresh, in refrigerated packaging, ensuring delivery according to your chosen shipping method in the shortest possible time.



Product freshness is guaranteed by the direct
packaging at our factory and by sending the product
in refrigerated packaging with dry ice and isothermal container.



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The art of artisanal processing. A tradition that enhances the flavours and ensures the high quality of Italian charcuterie.


Università Cattolica and Nielsen come together to study the reality of Salumi Pasini. The launch of the marketing analysis project promoted by the Milanese University and the multinational market research corporation, Nielsen. Fifty students will be involved in analyzing the evolution of the Lombard company and identifying new marketing strategies... >>

Salumi Pasini comes to Fuori Salume at Milano Design Week. Bringing a simple aperitif based on bread, salami and design for a tasty break during the most populated event of the year. An event promoted by NoLo Creative District, a collaborative project that networks creative spaces such as the Salumeria del Design... >>

Salumi Pasini lands in Switzerland and joins with the Globus group. A new partnership has been born with this prestigious Swiss chain whose focus has always been on quality and luxury. Yet further cross-border expansion, after the opening of e-commerce... >>


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Ideas to enrich your table, from a simple aperitif to a sophisticated dish. All the recipes to enjoy our products.

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