PRESS RELEASE April, 7th 2020, Milan

The Salumi Pasini website has a new digital web magazine, which recounts the key players of Italian charcuterie .

Narrating stories is an instant way of getting to know people: discovering the experiences and life of others immediately puts us in great communion with the world.

This is why Salumi Pasini has decided to collect in a web magazine, with the evocative name "Stories about cold meats", the stories that connect the company and the professionals that work with its cold meats: artisans, charcuterie makers, chefs, butchers, digital communicators, will be part of a great shared narrative and will talk about their lives and experiences, in a continuous passage of emotions, connected by a common passion: the great Italian cold meats that symbolise sharing, meeting up with friends, being around the family table.

In this journey we will discover stories about professional life, the relationship and care of the professionals towards the customer. We will see the celebration of good Italian cuisine and the search for increasingly new products. We will discover the willingness to continue to innovate within the world of traditional Italian cuisine.

There will be several chapters: Stories about Traditions to recount the professionals that work with cold meats, Stories about Cuisine, to recount who uses cold meats in their cuisine, Stories about Sharing, to recount the cold meats communicated in the contemporary world, and finally Stories about Craftsmanship, which will take us into our workshops, showing how we produce our cold meats.

The journalist Anna Prandoni will narrate these stories, mixing artisanal knowledge, entrepreneurship and creativity in an editorial project of brand journalism in the food world.

Many tools will be used for this narration: emotional videos, interviews, long-form and image storytelling, for an extensive project that naturally also includes strong presence on social networks, the main means for involving users.

Daniela Pasini, the company's communication and marketing manager, is convinced about this: “We are sure that the storytelling technique and the use of storytelling, in different areas and with different languages, is the right path to take to get those who produce, sell and taste our cold meats, recount their stories. By combining experiences and stories, a tangible sign is traced of how much these products are part of our daily lives, and how they represent a part of memory, recollection and bond to traditions. Just like our cold meats: which become a means to understand society and relive its past."

The magazine will be launched on xxx and will always propose new stories, studied with an ever-changing language. It will be available and usable on all corporate channels. For consumers who wish to, there is the opportunity to recount their “story about cold meats”, tagging the brand on Instagram. 

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