The story behind the brand SALUMI PASINI is one that holds within it the wisdom of tradition, the energy and passion of the new generation.
The union between a company with over sixty years of experience in the food and culinary world and three young individuals, eager to reveal the recipes handed down to them from previous generations, aware of the profound taste of their products. The profound knowledge of these culinary elements mixed with the passion, enthusiasm meets the desire to do something more with them: distribute these products of highest quality not only in Italy but around the world, allowing the flavours of our country to be tasted by new pallets. SALUMI PASINI reveals, in its every creation, an all Italian story.


The brand Salumi Pasini embodies the values that inspire those who created it: quality, Italian style, tradition and innovation, care, attention to detail.

Quality: a value expressed by many today but respected by only few. Salumi Pasini succeeds, even after generations, using only carefully selected raw materials to give its products the unique flavours that distinguishes them.

Italian style: Salumi Pasini is an Italian brand, which includes in its creation the best of our country, to offer only products of true exception.

Tradition and Innovation: Despite the strong anchoring to the traditions and secrets of the past, Salumi Pasini devotes time and space to research in order to offer its consumers innovative products every day.

Care: Maximum attention is dedicated to the care with which each Salumi Pasini product is designed and conceived, processed, packaged and brought to the table of consumers. No detail is left to chance, from the choice of the best raw materials, to the packaging, that uses fine pretigious paper that depicts the quality of each product.

Craftsmanship: each meat cut is created by the hands of the people working in the company for years who still teach this craftsmanship to the younger generations.